3. Additional zone changes

Recommendation 3.1

A shared Greater Melbourne and Geelong Urban zone should be defined in relation to Avalon Airport to allow Greater Melbourne taxis to service the airport (both pick up and drop off, including pre-booked and rank work) for customers who are bound for Melbourne. Separate Melbourne and Geelong ranks will need to be established at the airport to support this shared zone.

Recommendation 3.2

The Taxi Services Commission should have the power to review zones, through a public process, in response to emerging issues and changed market conditions and, if necessary, to extend zones or create overlapping zones. This may be particularly relevant for areas adjacent to Melbourne that are growing rapidly, as well as other areas of significant growth across Victoria.

Recommendation 3.3

The Taxi Services Commission’s longer term objective should be to further rationalise and relax zone regulation, in light of changes in market structure and market forces that will ensure adequate service coverage.